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Matches/League Map Cyle

First, load up mIRC and you should see something like this screen:

Colors may be off because I set up my own theme which I come to like

Black and orange, the colors of <F|F> :)

Next, click on the "Status" window, type "/server" (no quotes), and hit [enter]

After this, you will see some stuff scrolling in the status window.

When it stops, type: "/j #fifclan" (again, no quotes), and hit [enter]

See Screenshot

Now, you have to register your name to gain access in our channel:

In the status window (or any other window), type
/msg REGISTER username password

Now, to save all this hassle in the future, go to mIRC options and follow the pictures:

See Screenshot

Go to IRC category and click on Perform

  • Put a check in "On connect, perform these commands:"
  • In the window, type /msg auth username password
  • Also add /j #forgedinfire to make sure you join the channel once you connect
  • Repeat for any other channels you would like to join

Now, choose the Connect category, and click on Options

  • Enable "Connect on startup"
  • Enable "Reconnect on disconnection"

You are set!
Enjoy :)

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