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Matches/League Map Cyle

Notice:   Custom Map downloads are to be found in the Maps section of the website.

HL Software
ServerInfo v2.0

A neat little program that allows you to view current status of HL and Quake3 servers, as well as load the server lists from the WON servers and sort them however you wish.

Download ( 1,317 KB )

HalfLife Logo Creator

With this program you can convert your pics to be used as HL sprays. Follow instructions closely, otherwise you're likely to have problems.

Download ( 1,080 KB )

GeekPlay 4.0

This program allows you to view recorded HL demos.

Download ( 39 KB )

Clan Sprays

This is our current default F|F spray. The blue area is transparent in game. Below is a link to the pldecal file.

Download ( 3 KB )

Coming up: Favourite custom skins/models for Counterstrike

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